6 Liter Foam CE Extinguisher
Valve is with pressure release & CE mark
Cylinder is with CE mark, inside surface with lining F/PPA665-Grey imported from UK to resist corrosion.
23mm Diaphragm Pressure is CE approval





3 Liter CE Foam Extinguisher

Code Model Capacity Cylinder Dia Cylinder volume Discharge time Full weight Fire rating Working pressure Operating Temp.
HM01-58 OFEN6 6 Liter

162 mm

7.70L 20 s 10.2kg 13A/144B 12 bar at 20C 0C+60C

Loaded Container & Package detail

CE foam extinguisher 6 Liter Foam extinguisher Carton package description/qty.
free loaded 20' container 1750 pcs loaded on pallets 20' container 1200 pcs carton size qty/box
40' container 3500 pcs 40' container 2400 pcs 175X170X560 1 pcs